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WeinphilosophieWine Philosophy
TrockenDry White Wines
Feinherb und fruchtigMedium Dry – Fruity Style
EdelsüßNoble Sweet
Rot und RoséRed and Rosé Wines
SektSparkling Wines
FerienwohnungHoliday Flat

Great wines are not made in cellars, they grow in vineyards

Weingut Toni Jost - Weinphilosophie
Wines of character are marked by their origins: the grapes come from terroirs which are unique as to their soil and microclimate. It is the task of the winemaker to underscore the special features of the terroir.

For this purpose, the type of grape selected has to be optimally adapted from the beginning to the particular site, then the potential of the plants has to be precisely encouraged and these plants have to be provided with an environment in which they can thrive. Perhaps the most important instrument is small yields. It is in the concentration that the structure of authentic wines becomes evident, and that the wine in the glass reflects the uniqueness of its origin. High yields level the finer distinctions, make the wines faceless.

The subsequent work in the cellar is determined by the effort to preserve the potential for character and uniqueness that developed in the vineyard. Only so does an autonomous unmistakable wine emerge, the opposite of an anonymous product designed by a “winemaker” for a trendy taste based on market analysis.

We have not inherited the soil from our parents but have borrowed it from our children

Weingut Toni Jost - Weinphilosophie
Authentic wines with a dense structure and unmistakable character are created by climate and soil. Our most valuable assets are our vineyards and these must be treated with great care. With an awareness of this responsibility we promote the natural fertility of the soil and consistently reduce our yields to what the soil is ready to give of itself, without intense fertilisation.

Grapes in monoculture have been growing in our vineyards for centuries. To enable the soil to support this without signs of fatigue, we pay precise attention to the humus, promote bio-diversity in the vineyards and so promote the appearance of beneficial animals, and we do all this without the use of pesticides.

Between high-tech and wood-craft

Weingut Toni Jost - Weinphilosophie
Both in the vineyards and in the cellar we combine the experience of five generations of wine-making and the most up-to-date oenological and ecological knowledge. To guarantee quality, we harvest as late as possible and pass through the vineyards several times selectively harvesting.

The grapes are handled very carefully and are not crushed; the must ferments particularly slowly and at low temperatures. The maturation of the wines takes place, depending on their suitability, in stainless steel tanks or in wooden casks; the best Spätburgunder wines age in barriques casks for 12 to 15 months. For us it is important that all our wines are given sufficient time to rest and mature before bottling. This guarantees their character and longevity?

Pleasurable tasting versus pleasurable drinking

We sincerely hope that our guests gain an all-round experience of wine, a pleasure that involves all the senses and to which pleasant company, a congenial atmosphere and knowledge of the wine contribute. Anyone who has walked through the vineyards from which the wines originate, knows the wine-maker in question and has developed a feeling for the region's wine-growing tradition is bound to experience and enjoy that wine more intensely.

Are the most pleasant memories of a particular wine not linked with a particular experience, an excellent meal, interesting company, a wonderful holiday? However impressive professional wine tastings may be, such an intense relationship can never develop in a sterile atmosphere or be based only on an analysis of the wine.
Weingut Toni Jost Hahnenhof